Snow Birds: For thouse who travel to florida


One of our PRIMARY dedications is to SnowBirds. Dr. Anton Coleman provides the highest level of Neurological care for those travelling form the northern regions under the care of physicians at academic institutions. Colleagues at the following institutions (amongst others) can send your records and we will follow you here and send any newly acquired records or studies back to your primary Neurologist when you return north. For your convenience we have German, Italian and Spanish translations.


Contact us for more information.

Hospitals we work with:

  • Harvard Medical School Hospitals
  • Mayo Clinic at Rochester, Minnesota and the Mayo Health system Hospitals
  • University of Pennsylvania Hospital
  • University of Pittsburgh Hospital
  • University of Michigan Hospital
  • University of Utah Hospital
  • Cornell University Medical Center Hospital
  • Columbia University Hospital
  • New York University Hospitals
  • Northwestern University Hospitals
  • Cleveland Clinics
  • all Canadian Medical Institutes and Hospitals
  • and many others…


So from one snowbird to another: Welcome to Naples!. We wish you have a lovely stay in Florida.