Dr. Anton Coleman's homepage


Dr. Anton Coleman is a highly-specialized Cognitive expert whose primary focus is on prevention and improvement of disorders that affect how the brain behaves either due to brain lesions or hormonal malfunction.


Entities like dementias of all types (e.g. Alzheimers), stroke with cognitive or language complications, and healthy living are the main areas of interest and future avenues of investigation at this institution. The use of patient centered mental status testing is an art (of Behavioral Neurology) that makes Dr. Coleman unique here in Naples, and the associated Neuroendocrinological training is a rare pearl both in this community, the USA and internationally.


  • Patient Integrated Interview with genetic and family histories, in depth questions on hormones and their effects, diet and pesticide exposure.
  • Neurological Exam: a complete exam by an expert in the field.
  • Cognitive Evaluation with “patient-directed mental status testing” and formal Neuropsychological testing.
  • Neuroimaging: Brain scans including MRI’s with special cuts, PET and SPECT scans with special tracers.
  • EEG dependent on diagnosis.
  • Blood-tests: for treatable causes of dementias and hormone levels.
  • Spinal fluid analysis for infectious causes and research protocols.
  • Treatment Options
  • Preventative: to keep from getting a disease.
  • Diet: of utmost importance.
  • Symptomatic: cholinesterase-inhibitors and a glutamate antagonist, hyper-dosing on occasion.
  • Rehabilitation: cognitive rehab and language rehab.